Keese Hargraves LLP offers high-quality and sophisticated legal services to clients facing a variety of legal issues or disputes. Our extensive litigation experience coupled with our professional understanding of the intricacies of California law allows us to provide intelligent counsel and effective advocacy for our clientele.

The attorneys at Keese Hargraves LLP have over 20 years of experience handling and resolving all sorts of family law disputes, including paternity, custody, child support, spousal support, pre-nuptial and post- nuptial agreements, restraining orders, as well as marital dissolution (divorce).

With regard to business and employment law, the attorneys at Keese Hargraves have over 25 years advising and representing business owners and employers on a wide variety of legal issues, both before any litigation commences and through the resolution of litigation.

In many cases, early consultation with our clients will avoid the expense and time of formal litigation. If litigation is the appropriate choice, we pride ourselves on being aggressive and efficient and encourage close communication with our clients throughout the litigation process.